Project Description

NaturEnhance is a new health supplement company planning to offer health products in the form of capsules, pills, powder, beverages and external application. At NaturEnhance, they ensure that the manufacturers are of high standard before doing business with them. During production, staff will visit the manufacturer on unscheduled dates to audit the production process and quality of the products. Every batch of their product are required to go through a random sampling for lab test to ensure quality.

For the logo I used transparency, overlaying effects and symmetry in order to suggest focus, growth, openness, communication and that extra level of depth that the company name and corporate personality aims to intimate.

In every culture, the flower is a symbol of rejuvenating nature, an object of perfect beauty, romance, ritual, MEDICINE and a source of food. The overlayng petals creates FOCUS and the use of soft colours sugests equilibrium, clarity and fairness. The font used is a beautiful ornamented, sans-serif font with a relaxed, yet upmarket vibe. Something elegant and sophisticated without becoming pretentious.

The proposed packaging design for the gac fruit capsules bottle label, box and insert uses the brand's color universe, a hand-made illustration and simple traditional typography to instill a sense a calmness, with a subtle old-school vibe.