Project Description

Magdalen is a music project created by Michael Manning in Buffalo, NY.

Artist: Magdalen
Album: Flux
Genres: Electronic, Psychedelic

If you took Thom Yorke, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Air, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Beck, Peter Murphy – put them in a blender – added some vanilla and strawberry ice cream – closed your eyes – said a little prayer – plugged that in the heart of a bright white star – and pressed a button denoted only with a small green triangle (who even knows what that means) – you would come up with something like this music.

Album cover design + Spotify artwork


  1. Peace and Love
  2. The Arrow Well
  3. Melt Unmelt
  4. I Can Almost Reach
  5. Sideways
  6. A Flash
  7. The White Barrel
  8. All a Dream You've Been Having
  9. You Can Choose to Believe
  10. Encrypted
  11. Moonlight Mind
  12. Your Joy Will Come to Be
  13. Touch
  14. A Hope (if You Cannot Believe It)
  15. No Matter What You Do
  16. Passing Hands