Project Description

House Extension Designs is an experienced London based CAD services provider, offering a wide range of architectural services: design & planning advice, drawings, documentation and Planning & Building Regulations applications for home extensions, outbuildings, garages, changes of use, flat conversions and other home extension services.

The wanted a clean bold identity with some sort of symbol incorporated in the logo to suggest the idea of creating space in a visually appealing fashion; if possible, to include the letters H and E in the design (but not in a monogram style).  Also, crisp colours, complementing each other and simple fonts.

After finding the perfect open font (sans serif Lato) and playing with the letters H and E to create an abstract symbol for the concept of space/home/building using symmetry and inspiration from the idea of impossible geometry, I designed a logo that can suggest on a first glance the idea of manipulating and shaping the space in a creative way, without destroying but by using what's already available.