Tanzgeist – Identity Design

Logo design for a young clothing company based in Germany with customers between 15 and 30 years old. They were looking for a clear structured modern logo that captures high quality, style and elegance and communicates young lifestyle and high spirits. The TANZGEIST logo captures the elegance and style of an ageless generation. One that cherishes every moment and believes in her ability to do anything. The custom lettermark logo,

Nutratorrent – Identity Design

Nutratorrent is a company based in Hawai developping high quality supplements and detoxes for consumers. I designed for NutraTorrent an acronym based logo framed by an original, waterdrop frame. It will be a monochrome logo, but its color will change depending on the background, mood, message, medium etc. Its minimalism emphasises renewal, clearness, health. The new logo will look amazing on any stationary and the production costs will be smaller

Batch420 – Identity Design

Batch is a Seattle based medical marijuana delivery service. Batch 420 was founded on the principles that greatness should be recognized and that only small batch harvesting allows to choose the best of the best. The client was looking for a logo with a circular design somewhat in the shape of Starbucks with the name prominent in the logo. The colors, mid green to forest green. A strong, vibrant logo

Abby & Jake – Wedding Identity

When Abby & Jake first knew each other they were at that point in their life where they stopped believing in fairytales. The idea of real love to materialize was as alien as their lives felt sometimes – like it could happen but only when pigs will fly 🙂 But it did happen and for their wedding day, they decided to share with their guests their story in a a

FancyDress.com – Social Media Visuals

Fancydress.com was launched in 2001 as a sister company of the longest-established costume supplier in the world, Angels Costumes. The BAFTA-winning Angels Costumes have been supplying costumes for movies, theatre productions and television for over 175 years. In 1995 Angels Costumes opened their first fancy dress store in the heart of central London on Shaftesbury Avenue, called Angels Fancy Dress. This five-story shop is not only London’s No.1 emporium for

NaturEnhance – Packaging

NaturEnhance is a new health supplement company planning to offer health products in the form of capsules, pills, powder, beverages and external application. At NaturEnhance, they ensure that the manufacturers are of high standard before doing business with them. During production, staff will visit the manufacturer on unscheduled dates to audit the production process and quality of the products. Every batch of their product are required to go through a

Magdalen – Album Design

Magdalen is a music project created by Michael Manning in Buffalo, NY. Artist: MagdalenAlbum: FluxGenres: Electronic, Psychedelic If you took Thom Yorke, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Air, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Beck, Peter Murphy – put them in a blender – added some vanilla and strawberry ice cream – closed your eyes – said a little prayer – plugged that in the heart of a bright white

House Extension Designs – Identity Design

House Extension Designs is an experienced London based CAD services provider, offering a wide range of architectural services: design & planning advice, drawings, documentation and Planning & Building Regulations applications for home extensions, outbuildings, garages, changes of use, flat conversions and other home extension services. The wanted a clean bold identity with some sort of symbol incorporated in the logo to suggest the idea of creating space in a visually

Sticagen – Sticker Design

Sticagen is a start-up company based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Their main focus is empowering and reminding people to save while helping the environment and inspire the others to do the same. They offer clients engaging and vibrant label designs (clear message ideal in any settings) to maximise their company’s savings and contribute to a more efficient environment. A set of 8 hand-made environmentally friendly sticker designs.

Walthamstow Times – Identity Design

Walthamstow Times is a London based volunteer-driven website presenting local events and meetings, interviews with the local creatives, promoting social awareness campaigns and multiculturalism and articles about the local life. They believe in the power of community to create meaningful experieces through local cultural immersion and aspires to release all the content as open, Creative Commons licensed content. Minimal, Hitchcock (he was a Waltham Forest resident and well known for