Hello there,

My name is Sorana and I’m a London based graphic designer who understands the power of minimalism and simplicity in design, conceptual expressions, typography and storytelling. Always collecting beautifully designed things and learning from the best.

My goal as a graphic designer is to create not only beautiful visual stories, but problem solvers, playful and timeless designs that show a good understanding of business and marketing fundamentals, research/data, production processes, and genuine empathy with the target audience.

I gained my experience over the years as an in-house, freelance and agency designer, working with multiple brands and delivering a wide range of digital and print materials, always thriving on the challenges of making information visually accessible and memorable. Even as a design professional though, I always consider myself a design student, learning, adapting, refining my creative approach on a daily basis.

Curious about everything designed, with a special interest in branding, digital collages, storytelling and popular culture; a strong believer in the responsibility of everyone to contribute to the greater good of humanity to the best of their abilities, while practicing kindness and gratitude on a daily basis.

Contact me for visual brand communication, infographics, graphic design for print advertising, social media and other creative work. You can find me online, on various platforms or, if you like coffee, biscuits and a face to face chat, I’ll be happy to treat you to a coffee in Walthamstow, East London.